Ernest Nagel November 16,1901- September 20, 1985

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  • Scientific Logic

    Scientific Logic
    Studied under Morris Cohen, were he was influenced on the role of reason in science. The work done with Cohen would go on to the writing of the text book An Introduction to Logic And Scientific Method.
    Cohen, M. R., & Nagel, E. (2002). An introduction to logic and scientific method. Simon Publications.
  • Logical Positivism

    Logical Positivism
    Nagel would spend a year studying in Europe. This would lead to him publishing "Impressions and Appraisals of Analytic Philosophy in Europe" in the Journal of Philosophy. In this publication he would introduce logical positivism to the american philosophers.
  • Scientific Logic

    Scientific Logic
    In 1961 we would write is most famous book The Structure of Science. In this book he confronts the problems in the logic of the various methods of scientific explanation.
  • National Academy of Sciences

     National Academy of Sciences
    An event not vary common event Ernest Nagel was elected to National Academy of Sciences thanks to his vast knowledge of of science.