Ivan Henry

  • Birth

    of a Champion
  • Period: to

    Time of accused rapes

    Up to 8 victims.
  • Forced into Police Line-up

    Forced into Police Line-up
    Later used as evidence in his trial and later served as an example of miscarriage of justice.
  • Arrested, charged for a series of rapes

    Arrested at 100 Mile House after having been released in May
  • Was convicted of three counts of rape and seven other sexual offences

  • Period: to

    Period in Jail

    27 Years in Jail.
  • Date of Early Appeal

    Rejected due to "frivolous" reasons
  • Appeal Ordered Re-opened

    Due to Pickton case and Project Small Man
  • Aquitted of all charges by BC Court of Appeal

    Freaking Finally