It's Time: Scottsboro trials

  • The Train Ride

    In Paint Rock, Alabama the train that nine black Scottsbore boys are riding is stopped. The boys are arrested for rape against Victoria Price and Ruby Bates two white women.The boys are then taken to Scottsboro, Alabama and held in Jackson Ville County Jail.
  • First Trial

    All nine boys are tried, they are all sentenced to death by an all white judge and jury. As the trials gained attention the NAACP and ILD organization that help out coloured people, got involved in the case. They created awareness of the injustice that was happening in Alabama. The organizations raised money for the nine boys to have another trial, and the executions were put on hold until the next trial.
  • Violation of the Fourteenth Amendent

    It is rumourr that Ruby Bates was not raped at all but the cases continue. The Supreme Court is allowed to hear the trials and convicts all but one to the death penalty. William is the exception because he couldn't be tried as an adult.In the Powell case the court said the right to council was not met and therefore the fourteenth amendent was violated. So new trials were to be held once agian.
  • Dr. Bridges Exam

    Ruby Bates was a surprise witness for the defenants, as she confessed that no rape occured and that she was with Victoria Price on the trian. Dr. Bridges found that there were no signs of rape by nine men as the examination showed that none of convicited men were "inside" her. Patterson was sentenced to death by electric chair by Judge Horton, but it is put aside due to high tenisions in the town. The defendants are given another trial under Judge Callahan's court.
  • No Black Jury

    Judge Horton lost the election becasue he supported another trial for the boys. Leibowtiz aruged that the jury did not have any black representives on purpose, and that names of black's were to be added to the jury roll. Two lawyers of the defendants were caught trying to bribe Victoria Price.
  • Black Jury

    Leibowtiz takes his case to the Surpreme Court about not having any black's enrolled in the jury. The court realized that it was that they were depriving the defendants fourteenth amendment by not having blacks. Norris's case was not reviewed by the surpreme court due to trial times.
  • Powell's Move

    Both Patterson and Powell were charged as gulity of rape/assult and had 75 years in jail. Patterson's sentence was part of a compromise from a foreman and the jury. On the way to the jail Powell stabbed a sherif in the neck with a knife but was shot in the head. Amazingly both the sherif and Powell survived.
  • Compromise

    The compromise became the "White people of Alabama vs. the rest of the World". Thomas Knight the leader of the SCB met with Leibowtiz to discuss a compromise becasue the cases were dragging on and running out of money. He offer to drop the prosecutions of three and the others would get maximum of 10yrs for assult or rape. Leibowtiz agreed as there was no better option, but the compromise never went through because of Thomas Knight's death.
  • The Outcome

    Norris's three and final trial ends with the death sentence. Wright was sentenced to 99yrs in jail. Weems has 75 yrs in jail. Powell is charged with assult against the sheriff but the rape charges were dropped. The other four rape charges against Montgomery, Roberson,Williams, and Wright were dropped
  • The Long Awaited End

    Nooris's original death sentence was changed to life in prison, The boys all left Alabama as soon as they could but memories never would. One last interview was to be done but none of the boys co-operated; Patterson had a knife on him, Powell would refuse to talk, and Norris had made death threats to Patterson. Norris was the last Scottsboro boy to die in 1989