ISP Lab Timeline Project Fall 2011

  • Purpose

    I have created this timeline to better understand how the river changes from late-summer, through fall, and the beginning of winter. I predict the leaves of the trees along the river will show seasonal change through color transformation.
  • Week 1

    Week 1
    The trees are very green this week, indicating summer and a few good weeks left before the leaves start to turn and die. The branch in the water looks like it is freshly fallen because it still has green leaves on it, too.
  • Week 2

    Week 2
    The branch in river still has green leaves on it, and the river still looks sunny and green with life. The sky is a little more gray, but the overall look of the river is the same as the week before.
  • Week 3

    Week 3
    The sun is at a dfferent angle than a week before and the trees look like they have less leaves on them. The green leaves are still flourishing as the weather has not turned quite yet.
  • Week 4

    Week 4
    Finally the leaves have fallen and are dusting the river in golden brown. This indicates the weather has taken a cold turn. Life is still flourishing, however, as there are plenty of green (some yellowing) leaves still clinging to the trees.
  • Week 5

    Week 5
    The leaves have subsided in the river. The trees remain prominantly green and lush-looking indicating the lack of any colder weather.
  • Week 6

    Week 6
    The leaves have all but dissipated from the river itself, but no new leaves seem to have fallen from the trees, though they look less full than they did a few weeks ago. This indicates the weather has not had a long cold streak allowing all leaves to turn and fall from the trees.
  • Week 7

    Week 7
    The river still looks clean with trees looking a little more bare and yellow than they did before. The green still indicates a lot of sun and warmer weather than one would normally attribute with fall.
  • Week 8

    Week 8
    The river is beginning to brown more, with leaves in the water and on the banks. The more prominant yellow tone to the leaves still on the trees indicates the weather is turning.
  • Week 9

    Week 9
    More leaves have fallen in the river by this time, as the weather turns colder, the leaves die and turn brown. This visual representation of fall is a strong indication the trees will soon be bare (or close to) and perhaps snow will even fall on the river.
  • Week 10

    Week 10
    It is clear the two week break for Thanksgiving has really changed the river. It is now dark by the time I took my picture, and snow is covering everything. This is a real indication of how fast seasonal changes can happen and affect the life of the river. The trees are almost bare and there is no green in sight.
  • Conclusion

    Over the course of the timeline, I did see the changes in color and life around the Red Cedar River. The leaves changed from green to brown, to disappearing almost entirely and being replaced by snow. This really shows how the river, and thusly the enviornment around it, changes from season to season. These changes can be gradual - as noted in my timeline - or rapid, as I also found.