Isaac Newton (1642-1727) - Major Events

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  • A geinus is born.

    A geinus is born.
    Father died in October, Newton born at Woolsthorpe Manor, Grantham, on Christmas Day, December 25, 1642.
  • The invention of Calculus.

    Newton developed a system that would later lead to the discovery and advance of calculus, which he presented in a manuscript. Newton's work has been said "to distinctly advance every branch of mathematics then studied".
  • Hannah Newton dies

    Isaac Newton's mother passes away.
  • "Principia" published.

     "Principia" published.
    Widely regarded as one of the most important works in both the science of physics and in applied mathematics during the Scientific revolution, the work underlies much of the technological and scientific advances from the Industrial Revolution.
  • Isaac Newton's death.

    Isaac Newton's death.
    The Death of Isaac Newton, he died in London, England.
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    College Days

    Isaac Newton begins to study at Trinity College at Cambridge and becomes a professer in math. He graduated with bachelor of science certificate.
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    Newton starts to study the mathematics of gravity, and finally publishes his caculations on gravity.