Is Equality Acheivable?

  • First Amrican Americans arrive in Virginia

    The slave trade carries Africans to Virginia
  • Illegal

    Slavery is made illegal in the northern territories, the Conctitution states that the slave trade cannot be banned until 1808
  • Fugitive Slave Law

    The fugitive slave law says that all escaped slaves must be returned.
  • Bans Slave Trade

    Congress bans the slave trade from Africa
  • The Missouri Compromise

    All states north of Missouri bans slavery
  • Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman becomes one of the most widely known leaders of the Underground Railroad and escapes from slavery
  • Dred Scott Case

    The Dred Scott Case verdict states that the government cannot banslavery and slaves are not citizens
  • Civil War

    The southern states secede and the Civil War begins
  • Lincoln Assassination

    President Abraham Lincoln in assassinated
  • 14th amendment

    The 14 amendment states that all people born in the United States are citizens, including slaves, which disregards the Dred Scott Case
  • 15th amendment

    The 15th amendment gives African Americans the right to vote
  • Harlem Renaissance

    A time period of great development in black history and community where art, literature, culture, and intelect flourish
  • Brown v. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas

    This case declares that reacial segregation in the education system is unconstitutional
  • Obama

    Barack Hussein Obama becomes the first African American president of the United States