Iranian Revolution

  • Reza Khan Pahlavi (Shah's father) creates Pahlavi Dynasty (NO DATE!)

    Reza Pahlavi is crowned Shah of Iran.
  • Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi is crowned

    After his father (Reza Shah) is exiled to Africa, Reza Shah Pahlavi replaces him as his heir.
  • Society of Seminary Teachings of Qom is founded (No exact date)

    Teaching thow to organize religious teachings in seminaries (, and expand the religious teachings in Iran.
  • Shah begins his White Revolution campaign (NO DATE)

    Many Iranians protest. The Shah utilizes SAVAK, his secret police to control the displeasure.
  • Period: to

    White Revolution (No exact beginning date)

    (Beginning year only)
    The Shah proposes his idea of the White Revolution in 1963. The new Western Ideals supported by the regime were frowned upon by many Iranians and many opposed it, intensifying the growing friction between the monarchy and the public.
  • (No exact date) Khomeini exiled

    Ayatollah Khomeini is exiled; does not return to Iran for 14 years
  • Shah declares martial law (NO DATE)

    Shah Pahlavi declares martial law after the numerous riots, protests, strikes, and demonstrations protesting his reign.
  • Prime Minister of Iran, Hassan Ali Mansur, is assassinated

  • Faulty newspaper article about Khomeini sparks revotls

    An Iranian newspaper, known as the “Black and Red Imperialism", publishes a fake article about Ayatollah Khomeini, saying that he was a homosexual. Homosexuality was frowned upon by many Iranians and whoever wanted the article published, most likely SAVAK or a Shah supporter, hoped to weaken the strong support of Khomeini's many followers. However, the article only sparked more revolts and demonstrations against the Shah, as Iranians were angered at the attempt to slander their religous leader.
  • Student Revolt kills about 4000

  • Protest in Tabriz kills about 100

  • Protest in Yazd.

    Exact number of casualties, wounded, and missing unknown.
  • Protest in Isfahan.

    Exact number of casualties, wounded, and missing unknown.
  • Cinema Rex Fire

    A movie theatre, Cinema Rex, was lit on fire, killing about 400 of the movie go-ers. While the exact arsonist remain unknown, Iranians immediately assumed that it was the Shah's secret police, SAVAK, killing his own people as revenge for all the protests against him.
  • Black Friday

    Iranians peacably assemble to protest the Shah Pahlavi. Soldiers open fire upon them, killing about 88
  • Shah is exiled, Khomeini becomes new ruler (NO DATE)

    The Shah Pahlavi is exiled. Ayatollah Khomeini becomes the Supreme Leader, forms the Islamic Republic of Iran and introduces new constitution.
  • Shah Pahlavi flees Iran

    After riots and chaos, the Shah finally flees Iran, much to the relief of many Iranians.
  • Islamic Republic: New constitution formed with 98% of the vote

  • Period: to

    Iran-Iraq War

    Saddam Hussein invaded Iran after several disputes about territory used for shipping oil. Though the war was ended on account of a ceasefire, for a majority of the time, Iraq appeared to be more powerful. Iraqi weaponry was more advanced than what the Iranians had, and Iraq had alliences with the United States and Soviet Union. The war, which lasted 8 years, took the lives of millions and cost Iran about 400 billion dollars.
  • President Bush labels Iran as one of parts of the "Axis of evil" (NO DATE)

  • President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is first elected (NO DATE)

  • Ahmadinejad reelected as president