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In History
  • 1001

    The Mining

    The Mining
    Was created in XI. The iron in the mining was the most important mineral, the miners used to live in barracks or in small houses of wouden.
  • 1053

    San Juan of Gaztelugatxe

    San Juan of Gaztelugatxe
    Gaztelugatxe is an islet located on the coast of Biscaya belonging to the municipality of Bermeo, Basque Country.
  • 1496


    Aitxuri is a mountain of 1551 meters of altitude located in Donostia, Basque Country.
  • Deusto University

    Deusto University
    Deusto University is a a Spanish private university. Deusto University is the oldest private university in Spain and is located in Bilbao.
  • Athletic Fundation

    Athletic Fundation
    It is also known as ‘Los Leones’. Is the only football club which admit only players from the Basque Country. Every time that they won a title they pulled the ‘Gabarra’, which is a boat.
  • PNV

    The PNV that is to say Basque nationalistic party was founded in 1895 for Sabino Arana and the president is Andoni Ortuza
  • Loiu Airport

    Loiu Airport
    It is the most important airport in Basque Country. It is at 12 km from Bilbao
  • Xabier Lete

    Xabier Lete
    It is a poet and singer from San Sebastian. An important song is, Xalbadorren Heriotza.
  • School Explosion

    School Explosion
    In a school of Ortuella there was an explosion by propage gas. There were 51 child dead and 50 injured.
  • Martin Berasategui

    Martin Berasategui
    It is a very famous chef of San Sebastian because he has 10 Michelin Stars. His motivational phrase is ”Garrote”
  • San Felix Ikastola

    San Felix Ikastola
    The school was created in 1968. In 1980, was created another form to teach, the B model, that is in euskera. First San Felix was called San Felix Ikastetxea but this year, (2019) was changed to (Ikastola)
  • Korrika

    It is a protest march for the support of Basque Language, Euskera. The last years it lasted 11 days and it crossed from Ortuella.
  • Flood of Bilbao

    Flood of Bilbao
    26th of Augoust there was a big flood in Bilbao with many deeds and many woundeds.
  • Guggenheim Museum

    Guggenheim Museum
    The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a museum of modern and contemporary art designed by Frank Gehry, and located in Bilbao, Basque Country. The museum was inaugurated on 18 October of 1997
  • Hanging Bridge of Portugalete

    Hanging Bridge of Portugalete
    The hanging bridge join Portugalete and las Arenas, the bridge is often used to lead to a person or a cars
  • Iberdrola tower construction

    Iberdrola tower construction
    The Iberdrola tower is an office skyscraper in Bilbao, Spain. Its construction started on 19 March of 2009.
  • Basque Coulinary Center

    Basque Coulinary Center
    It is a famous cooking academic institution which is in San Sebastian
  • Winner of Tug of War

    Winner of Tug of War
    2017 Pekín world champion.
  • Snow in Bilbao

    Snow in Bilbao
    It was the biggest snowfall in 33 years in Bilbao, Spain.
  • Fire in Bilbao

    Fire in Bilbao
    3 of March of 2019 was the biggest fire in Bilbao near to petronor.
  • Rugby Match

    Rugby Match
    The world cup of rugby is the most important match in this sport. The actual winner of the world cup is South Africa.