• Frist ipod

    Frist ipod
    The first ipod came out in 2001 in all kind of stores around the world
  • The second ipod

    The second ipod
    The second ipod came out in 2002
  • The third ipod

    Then third ipod was relaesed into store in 2003 and you could download 200,000 songs
  • The fourth ipod

    The fourth ipod had a radio intergation
  • Ipod 5

    The fitth ipod was a nanao there were 42 million nanaos out in 2005
  • The 6th ipod that ever came out

    The 6th ipod that came out was a shuffle
  • The 7th ipod

    In 2007 the ipod touch came out
  • The 2008 ipod

    The 2008 ipod was an ipod touch and had more gb
  • 2009 ipod

    The 2009 ipod touch had cameras
  • 2010 ipod

    The 2010 ipod also has a camera