iPad Professional Development Plan Timeline

By ahiet
  • Train the Trainer

    Trainers will receive training of what to teach during the back-to-school workshops.
  • Lead Teacher Training

    Five teachers will be trained to teach the basics training on April 22nd.
  • Deployment Day of iPads!

    All staff will receive iPads. The first Basics Training will take place. (How to turn on the iPad, e-mail settings, etc.)
  • Period: to

    Play Days

    Staff will experiment with the iPads to put to practice what they learned in the first training. Questions will be directed toward lead trainers.
  • Lead Teachers Training

    Trainers will recieve training of what to teach during the May 22nd inservice day.
  • Apps, Apps, and More Apps!

    Teachers will rotate around to (4) 45-minute sessions to learn about the apps that have already been downloaded on the iPad. Some of these apps include SplashTop2, Nearpod, Socrative, Smart Office, and Notability.
  • Period: to

    Play Time and Planning Time!

    Teachers will take the iPad home over the summer to play with them and plan how they might use them in the classroom. Teachers can set up meetings with lead teachers, if needed, but no trainings will be held over the summer.
  • Back to School with the iPad!

    During the week of back-to-school workshops, teachers will receive trainings from the lead teachers of ideas of how to manage 1:1 student devices.
  • Period: to

    2013-2014 School Year: Play and Learn!

    Teachers will use the devices in their classrooms based on what they have learned in trainings and discovered on their own. Lead teachers will continue to hold trainings in grade team meetings and before and after school. These trainings will be held at least once a month, and the Technology Integrationist will determine what needs to be taught at these. trainings. Student management tips will be discussed at monthly staff meetings.
  • Period: to

    2014-2015 School Year: Get Organized!

    Teachers will be expected to use Schoology on a daily basis and continue to implement new ways of using the iPad in the classroom. Ongoing trainings will continue monthly as they did last school year. By the end of the school year, teachers should feel more comfortable with the iPad.
  • Period: to

    2015-2016 School Year: Full Implementation!

    All teachers will be comfortable with using the iPads and will be able to fully implement them in their classrooms. All class materials will be available through the iPad, so books and papers will not longer be needed, except on rare occasions. Trainings will be held on buidling inservice days, given by the Technology Integrationist. These trainings will give updates in the changes of iPads and apps and show new ways to use the iPads in the classroom.