Inventors Of the Industrial Revolution

By Madde45
  • Steam engine

    Steam engine
    Thomas Savery invented the steam engine. It was the first engine.
  • Engines

    Thomas Newcomen made an engine. It could work by using condensed steam to make a vacuum.
  • mass production of brass and iron goods

    mass production of brass and iron goods
    Abraham Darby created the mass production of brass and iron goods. He combined the existing technologies of casting iron with casting brass that produced goods of a greater intricacy.
  • Bridgewater Canal

    Bridgewater Canal
    Duke of Bridgewater created the Brdgewater canal. The Bridgewater canal could connect Manchester and Leigh, in North West England.
  • Water-frame

    Richard Arkwright invented the Water-frame. It could substitute wooden and metal cylinders with human fingers.
  • Steam engine

    Steam engine
    James Watt created the steam engine. He futher modernized the steam engine.
  • Spinnig Mule

    Spinnig Mule
    Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule. It could spin textile fibers into yarn.
  • Power Loom

    Power Loom
    Edmund Cartwrigh invented the power loom. It could mechanically do the job of a loom.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney made the cotton gin. It could speed up the seed seperation process.
  • Steam Locomorive Engine

    Steam Locomorive Engine
    George Stephenson invented the first Steam Locomorive Engine. The Steam Locomorive Engine was the first of it's kind.
  • mass-producing steel

    mass-producing steel
    Henry Bessemer made the first mass-producing steel invention. This helped attribute to skyscrapers.