• Jethro Tull

    Jethro Tull
    Invented seed drill
  • Thomas Newcomen

    Thomas Newcomen
    Newcomen atmospheric engine
  • John Roebuck

    John Roebuck
    Invented the first steam engine
  • James Watt

    James Watt
    Invented the rotary engine
  • James Hargreaves

    James Hargreaves
    Invented the Spinning Jenny
  • Henry Cort

    Henry Cort
    Invented the puddling process for converting pig iron into wrought iron
  • Nicolas Leblanc

    Nicolas Leblanc
    Invented the process of turning common salt into soda ash(sodium carbonate)
  • Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney
    Invented the cotton gin
  • Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta
    Invented the electric battery
  • George Stephenson

    George Stephenson
    Invented the steam locomotive
  • David Ricardo

    David Ricardo
    Invented the free market theory
  • Cyrus Field

    Cyrus Field
    Created the telegraph cable