inventions social studies a3

  • Jan 1, 1440

    printing press

    printing press
    Johannes Gutenburg
    It was used ton print multiple copies of paper and created multiple copies of books and helped in the spread of knowledge
  • bathrooms

    J.F. Brondel
    the invention was used to store waste
    it helps the environment be cleaner and safer for humans and annimals to live
    it is know used for hygene and normally has a tub and shower sink and the toliet
  • automobile

    Karl Benz
    It was used to move people faster and be able to transport themselves
    It is important because it is used for transportation
  • x-ray machine

    x-ray machine
    William Coolidge
    used to help sell footware
    It is important beacuse it has helped doctors locate and find out how badly an injury was and if they broke it, spraned it, or just twisted it
    We use it today in medical situations.
  • medacine

    Howard Florey and Ernst Boris
    to cure people who had a disease
    it helps heal many people today and can help a person from dying
  • cell phone

    cell phone
    martin cooper
    motarolla headcourters
    used to call people on the go
    it is important cause you can use it in danger and get intouch with people on the go
    it is used today has a talking , texting, web, gaminag, and camera device