Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

By AyannaP
  • Lightning Rod

    Lightning Rod
    Benjamin Franklin's experiments lead him to the lightning rod, which placed at the apex of a barn, church steeple, or other structure that conducts lightning bolt into the ground
  • Submarine

    David Bunshells "Turtle" submerges by taking water into its tanks and reverses the process to rise. It moves by means of a hand crank propeller
  • U.S. First Patent

    U.S. First Patent
    The U.S. issues its first patent William Pollard
  • The Cottin Gin

    The Cottin Gin
    The Cottin Gin was used in slavery to create clothing in the 1800s.
  • Interchangeable Parts

    Interchangeable Parts
    Eli Whitney contracts to manufacture 10,000 muskets for the U.S. Army at the time an entire would be made by a single person, without standardize measurements.
  • Steam-Powered Pumping Station

    Steam-Powered Pumping Station
    the Fairmount Water Works
  • Transition

    Terrafugia, a 2006 start-up, has developed a craft that can be flown by properly by licscensed pilots and driven on any road.
  • Jet Pack

    Jet Pack
    This "vehicle" can take flight into the air. This was created by MArtin Jetpack