Inventions in Computer history 2010-2020

  • iPad

    Invented by Steve Jobs, the iPad was a competitor to the computer and netbook. It was easy to carry around, and easy to use, had a touchscreen, and completely wireless. Great for convenience, and became extremely popular, and opened the door for phone-computer hybrids in the future.
  • Uber

    Uber, founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp was an app that took advantage of smartphone GPS and 4G to create an innovative ride-hailing service changing the game for the industry to this day. People no longer had to wait on the street for taxis or shuttles, and could now call them up on their phone and pay in the app for a safer, more efficient experience.
  • Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S
    Invented by Elon Musk, this electric car was a game changer. Even though the Tesla roadster was already invented, the Model S was a more affordable option from the company, opening the door for more people to purchase these electric smart cars, and outselling the popular Porches and Jaguars in California.
  • Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa
    Alexa is the voice home assistant created by Amazon (couldn't find exact inventor). This can connect users devices and complete tasks such as playing specific songs, answering questions, or even turning on the lights or locking doors just by simple voice commands. This opened the doors for countless smart home devices, and could mean many more bigger tasks that could be completed by virtual assistants.
  • AirPods

    Invented by Apple (I couldn't find exact inventor), these wireless earbuds were innovative and different from other bluetooth EarPods on the market. Key features such as the case that connects to your iPhone by opening it, or even just the shape of them that fit in the ear so well made them stand out to be some of the most notable and popular wireless earbuds in the market. To this day, they can be seen everywhere in peoples ears.