Inventions in 1884

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    Inventions in 1884

    A lot of things and inventions in the 1884 time frame and more!!
  • First Fountain Pens Made

    First Fountain Pens Made
    Lewis Waterman invented the fountain pen in 1884. He wanted to make cool designs out of the materials he had to help people have better handwriting to write from all perspectives. Another thing is that a fountain pen depends on ink and ink was a known thing so they can write with ink instead of lead and they thought that it was a better use of writing.
  • The Oxford Dictionary

    The Oxford Dictionary
    James Murray and the London Philological Society published the first Oxford English Dictionary in 1884. The Oxford English Dictionary was a dictionary that included all of the words from the 12th century all the way to 1884.
  • Presser Foot for Sewing Machine

    Presser Foot for Sewing Machine
    Samuel Halliwell was granted the patent for the presser foot for sewing machines in 1884. These were parts of a sewing machine, but this was one of the most important part of the sewing machine, because it made the motor move and the sewing needle to actually sew it .It was a very useful invention because people used it to sew books, clothing, etc.
  • Espresso Machine

    Espresso Machine
    Luigu Bezzera invented the espresso machine in 1884. He wanted to make his coffee brew faster and accidentally made the espresso machine. Also, a lot of people liked to drink coffee because they got coffee in the Renaissance. Lastly, espresso was stronger than regular coffee so it was way more popular than regular coffee.
  • Statue of Liberty Presented to US

    The Statue of Liberty is a statue of a woman who has a torch in one hand and a book in the other. She also has a crown and her name is Lady Liberty. The sculptor thought of the idea because America wanted liberty because of the war that had just happened, so he created the Statue of Liberty. She represents freedom and opportunity.
  • Electric Car

    Electric Car
    Thomas Parker invented the first version of an electric car in 1884. He wanted to make it so people don't have to pay for high gas prices and still have a way to travel around their city/town.
  • First Television

    First Television
    He made the television because he wanted to make entertainment for people to watch and enjoy! Also, he wanted to connect people to their friends and family because he couldn't do that before because they didn't have a device that could do that.
  • First Use of Cocaine as Anesthetic

    First Use of Cocaine as Anesthetic
    Carl Koller started to use cocaine during eye surgeries to make people fall asleep so they didn't feel the pain that is happening to them. The reason why this is important is because when they performed surgery, they needed a way to numb the area without hurting them, so that's why they sometimes used a local anesthesia. He first published his new ideas about using cocaine as an anesthetic Sept. 18, 1884.
  • First Test of Machine Gun

    First Test of Machine Gun
    The reason for this test was because they needed to make sure that it was mostly safe for use so when they need to use it and they know how to and what to do if something goes wrong. He made the machine gun for military use to make it easier to do their job. Then, when an actual war happened they had an easier way to finish the war.