Revolutionary Computing Inventions of the Roaring 20's

  • Instant Camera

    Instant Camera
    The first portable camera that could fit in one compartment was invented from Samuel Shalfrock. This camera was able to print photos directly from the camera, without a dark room.
  • The Iconoscope

    The Iconoscope
    The Iconoscope was the first screen technology to easily scan an image to use for televisions. It was a very crucial invention which laid the groundwork for future computer screens. In summation, it was the first electric camera screen. This was invented by Vladimir Zworykin.
  • The Electric Tabulating Machine

    The Electric Tabulating Machine
    This machine took information from tabulated punched cards and processed it for analyzation. The machine read holes punched on cards and performed calculations based on the configuration of said holes. Overall, the Electric Tabulating Machine presented a huge leap forward in data processing technology. It was invented from Computing Tabulating Recording Company, which later became IBM. This invention was electric compared to the gear-driven Punch Card Tabulating Machine.
  • The Teleprinter

    The Teleprinter
    Developed by Donald Murray in 1925, this machine revolutionized receiving and sending information. This machine was hooked up to another, and when a message was sent it was automatically printed on the other end. This type of technology was widely used and implemented in various markets such as accounting, finance, military, and production.
  • Differential Analyzer

    In 1928 Vannevar Bush invented the Differential Analyzer. This machine was able to perform mathematical equations and provide solutions.