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Inventions 1860-1920

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  • Typewriter

    Invented by Christopher Sholes, a newspaper editor.
  • First Telephone Message

    First   Telephone   Message
    Sent by Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Musical Phonograph

    Musical   Phonograph
    Invented by Thomas Edison
  • Electric Lightbulb

    Electric    Lightbulb
    Invented by Joseph Swan
  • Gas Mantle

    Gas  Mantle
    Invented by Carl Auer.
  • Kodak Camera

    Kodak   Camera
    Invented by George Eastman.
  • Tape Recorder

    Tape   Recorder
    Invented by Valdemar Poulson.
  • Disposable Safety Razor

    Disposable   Safety  Razor
    Invented by King Camp Gillette.
  • Electrocardiograph Machine

    Electrocardiograph   Machine
    Invented by William Einthoven.
  • Geiger Counter

    Geiger   Counter
    Invented by Hans Geiger, and also named for him.