• Patent of 50 inventions working by steam

  • The first practical water pump working by steam

  • The first commercial engine

    The first to be produced several numbers of
  • Improved Newcomes engine

    By James Watts
  • Richard Trevitnick made the steam engine smaller

    So it was useable in trains, ships and cars.
  • Period: to

    The primitive convayer belt was used

  • Period: to

    The Victorian Era

  • The first engine runned by gas was invented

  • The first car was sketched

    By a chinese man
  • The first car was sold

    By Carl Bents
  • Thomas Robins made a series of modifications to the convayer belt

  • Period: to

    The Edwardian Era

  • The polygraph machine / Lie Detector

    Was invented by James Mackenzie
  • Henry Ford made the convayer belt to put cars together

  • The modern polygraph

    invented by John Larson
  • The polygraph was used by the police for interrogations