invention of the ipod

By craig24
  • when the ipod was invented

    when the ipod was invented
    Ipodinvented by Kane Kramer in 1979, he sketched a small hand held player which he thought would allow people to upload music.
  • Period: to

    Invention of the Ipod

    Read the timeline to find out when the ipod was invented and who invented it.
  • More Ipods were invented

    More Ipods were invented
    more ipods were invented from 1980-2011. ipod touch, ipad, ipod video.
  • impacts on inventor

    impacts on inventor
    Kane Kramer became more known because he invented the ipod. more and more ipod were being sold.
  • Impact on inventor

    Impact on inventor
    In in 1980 kane kramer recieved the patent for theipod. In 1988 Kane Kramer was not able to pay the amount for renewal of the worldwide patent for the ipod, so it expired.
  • Impact on Customers

    Impact on Customers
    overOver 297,000,000 ipods have been sold worldwide as of December 2010.
  • Impact on other Inventions

    Impact on other Inventions
    More ipods were created by apple.
    -ipod touch
    -ipod mini
    -ipod video
    -ipod photo