Introduction to the History of Law

  • Jan 1, 1500


    Earliest sign of democracy in the world found in athens. 510 B.C.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to

    Introduction to the History of Law

  • The Quebec Civil Law Kerfuffle (1763-1774)

  • End of slavery in Canada

    Slavery was abolished in 1834. While slave trade ended in 1807.
  • Formation of British Columbia

    Oregon treaty was passed creating the southern border of british columbia.
  • Canadian federal election

    First canadian federal election held from august 7th to september 20th. Sir John A. Mcdonald ran for the conservative party. George Brown ran for the Liberal party.Joseph Howe ran for the anti-confederation party. Sir John A. Macdonald won the election.
  • A Supreme Court for Canada: Act One (1869)

    The start of the supreme court of canada.
  • woman suffrage(ontario)

    Women were given the right to vote in ontario at 1884
  • Canada's Criminal Code

    created to punish criminals.criminal law has evolved to a higher state.
  • Women suffrage

    Women in Manitoba were given the right to vote in 1916
  • Magnuson Act

    Magnuson Act repealed the Chinese exclusion act.With this Act Chinese immagrants are accepted into canada.
  • African-American Civil Rights Movement

    United states looks end all racial discrimination in the U.S. this movement went from 1955–1968.