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Timeline created by shealee yazzie
  • 1st Grade/ Doctor

    1st Grade/ Doctor
    I remember in 1st grade I wanted to become a doctor because it was something that I would enjoy and that it would seem very interesting to become.
  • 2nd Grade/ Teacher

    2nd Grade/ Teacher
    I wanted to become a teacher because it seemed very fun to just interact with younger students and how much joy kids would bring you.
  • 3rd Grade/ Mechanic

    3rd Grade/ Mechanic
    Oh man my 3rd grade year was when I started to just become more into myself and that year I was just so close with my dad, my dad was my biggest hero and my biggest supporter and for some reason I always wanted to be like my dad because he was so strong and hard working, also very good at working on cars.
  • 4th Grade/ Engineer

    4th Grade/ Engineer
    Wow, my 4th grade year I wanted to become an engineer because that was when I started to notice that woman weren't Engineers and I always like though that I would be the first woman in the world to become an Engineer but now woman are stepping up into men jobs and its great!