Into the wild

  • June 1985

    Chris was hired by a building contractor. He made 7000 dollars and used part of the money to buy his Datsun.
  • January 1992

    Franz meets Chris shopping for food in salton city
  • February 12

    His birthday
  • February 19th 1992

    Franz 81st birthday. Chris called him to say happy birthday.
  • February 28 1992

    Chris writes jan burres about living on the streets in San Diego and wanting to head to Alaska.
  • March 1992

    McCandless returns to work at the grain elevator in Carthage.
  • March 5 1992

    Chris sends a card to jan burres and franz.mhd had been train hopping up and down the west coas from Seattle to L.A.
  • March 14 1992

    Ron franz drops off Alex in grand junction Colorado to hitchhike back to South Dakota.
  • April 15th 1992

    Chris leaves Carthage for Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • April 18 1992

    Chris arrived in Whitefish, Montana on a freight train. He will continue north of the border.
  • April 27 1992

    Wayne Westerberg receives a postcard in early May postmarked April 27th. It says greetings from Fairbanks.
  • September 13 1992

    New York Times comes out with an article about Chris a week after his body was found.