Insulin Changes from 1900-2012

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    Insulin Changes from 1900-2012

  • 4 Canadian Scientists discovered insulin

  • Banting and Macleod were awarded the Nobel Prize

  • Protamine was made to develop a slow-release insulin

  • Isophane IPH insulin was created to bind with Protamine

  • Amorphous ‘lente’ insulins (IZS) was developed to be used without Protamine

  • The first antidiabetic oral drugs were developed

  • Human insulin was chemically synthesized in Germany

  • Chromatographic purification techniques allowed the production of purified animal insulin

  • Fully synthetic insulin was synthesized in a laboratory in Basel

  • Scientists succeeded in producing insulin with the same amino sequence as seen in humans

  • Recombinant DNA human insulin was first tested on 17 nondiabetic volunteers in England

  • The FDA approved Humulin R (rapid) and Humulin N (NPH) for the US market

  • Different insulins are being introduced worldwide