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  • Urine Tests

    Urine Tests
    Scientists develop a test to test sugar in the urine.
  • Ration Treatments

    Ration Treatments
    French physician, Apollinaire Bouchardat, realized that his diabetic patients' symptoms were improved by rationing, which caused him to develop a date as treatment
  • Inducing Diabetes

    Inducing Diabetes
    Oskar Minkowski and Joseph von Mering showed the removal of a dog's pancreas could induce diabetes.
  • Fad Diets

    Fad Diets
    Fad diets (oat-cure, potato therapy, and starvation diet) were used to treat diabetes.
  • Controlling Diabetes

    Controlling Diabetes
    Georg Zuelzer found that injecting pancreatic extra into diabetics could help control their diabetes.
  • The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

    The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
    Elliott Joslin wrote The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, which said that fasting diet combined exercise could reduce the risk of death in diabetics.
  • Insulin Treatment

    Insulin Treatment
    Frederick Banting and his colleagues used insulin to successfully treat a diabetic patient, which he won the noble prize for the following year.
  • Insulin Production

    Insulin Production
    Insulin began to be produced commercially
  • Crystallized Insulin

    Crystallized Insulin
    J.J. Able was the first person to crystallize insulin
  • Protamine Zinc

    Protamine Zinc
    Protamine zinc insulin was introduced as a longer lasting insulin.
  • Lente Insulin

    Lente Insulin
    Lente insulins were introduced as another longer lasting insulin
  • Today's treatment

    Today's treatment
    Insulin is still being used today to treat diabetes