Input Devices

  • CD

    The CD is short for compact disc. A removeable media that replaced floppy disks. It was made by Philip and Sony in 1982. It was actually made in Philips Production Studio.
  • Gamepaddle

    A gamepad was a third generation gamepad. It was made by nintendo. It was made in 1985 and was made for gaming.
  • Trackpad

    A touchpad is also knon as the trackpad. It is used as a mouse or light pen on the screen. George E. Gerphide invented the trackpad in 1988. Now people can use laptops.
  • Webcam

    A webcam is a device that shows an image to another personal computer. Adam Jackson is the founder of the webcam that was made in 1991 to keep an eye on a coffee machine. It was made at Cambridge University.
  • iPhone4

    The iphone four was made on January 9 2011. It was made by a bunch of design staff that work for Apple. It was made to make a better iphone. It is a phone, handheld computer with touchpad, two cameras, microphone and can scan with the right application.