Innventions and Innovations

  • vaccine againt hepatitis B

    vaccine againt hepatitis B
  • Period: to

    How it changed the decade

    These advances helped the U.S. in many ways. Life was made tremendously easier. It made the daily task easier to complete.
  • Fully implantable pacemaker

    Fully implantable pacemaker
    -Patient died 9 months later of other ailments
  • First open heart surgery

    First open heart surgery
    -Patient age 7
    -mercy hospital, oklahoma city
  • audio cassette invented

    audio cassette invented
    -By Phillips
  • Fiber tipped pen

    Fiber tipped pen
    -By Yukio Horie
  • First computer video game

    First computer video game
    -Called spacewar
    -200 hours of work
  • Soft Contact Lenses

    Soft Contact Lenses
    -led to creation of contact insurance; "replacement lense inc."
  • Handheld Calculator

    Handheld Calculator
    First one known as ANITA
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    Finally could navigate between windows
  • Artificial Heart

    Artificial Heart
    -First patient survived
    -actually was replaced by a donor heart in patient
  • ATM

    -first to use "credit card'
    -New York Chemical Bank
    -"our bank will open at 9:00 and never close again!"
    -At the begginning most resisted use because of machine handling money
  • Barcode Scanner

    Barcode Scanner
    -laser scanned
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    -first humans on moon