Choua - Erickson Timeline

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  • Identity vs Confusion

    Around 2013, i started working at McDonald's and began to befriend many people that were different. I wasn't an outgoing person, but as I continue to befriend these people, I started to think of who I am and what I would want. In Erickson's 5th stage, Identity vs Confusion, a loss of self and trying to find who you really are.
  • Intimacy vs Isolation

    Beginning into a relationship that could mean something more or less. Around 2016, I began a relationship that asked myself if I was to be in this relationship or to focus on myself as I continued school. In Erickson's 6th stage, Intimacy vs Isolation, its a choice to choose the significant other or yourself.
  • Period: to

    Learning - Industry vs inferiority

    As I recall, around 2005, is when I began 2nd grade and was learning multiple things. This was how far back I could remember of my childhood. I was learning religion in a catholic school and my parents culture of what a woman should be doing for the future. Erickson's 4th stage, Industry vs Inferiority, is learning what I am taught at school or follow my family's culture that is very different from catholic.