Industrilal Revolution- Railways

  • First railway company started builidng the first railway track.

    In NSW, the first railway company started building the first railway track
  • First railway line was opened.

    In Victoria, the first railway line was oepned in Australia, bewteen Melbourne Flinder Street station and Port Melbourne.
  • First line carrying steam powered trains opened.

    The first line carrying steam powered trains opened bewteen Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
  • Tasmania railway line opened.

    In Tasmania, a raliway line of 72 km long opened in northern towns of Launceston and Deloraine.
  • First railway track in Queensland.

    The first railway track in Queensland ran from Ipswich Inland to Grandchester using the narrow 1067 mm gauge.
  • First government railway opened.

    Between Geraldton and Northampton, the first government railway opened.
  • Northern Territory railway became operational.

    In the Northern Territory, a railway between Darwin and Pine Creek became operational.
  • Australian Captital's Territory branch line opened.

    In the Australian's capital territory, a 10 km branch line opened between Queanbeyan NSW and Canberra.