• Jethro Tull invents the seed drill.

    This seed drill made it so that each seed was planted precisely.
  • John Kay invents the flying shuttle

    The flying shuttle extremely increased the speed of weaving.
  • James Watt builds the first steam engine

    The steam engine started a whole new era of steam transporting such as steamboats, and trains.
  • Marx and Engels publish The Communist Manifesto

    This book started Communism and changed the rest of the world's thought on this political idea.
  • US Civil War ends; US experiences technological boom

    After the Civil War ended, slavery ended, followed by an industrialization of America.
  • Germany becomes dominant industrial power in Europe

    Germany dominates Europe even today.
  • British Unions win right to strike

    This forever changed Britain because now they could protest agaisnt unfair choices made by higher officials.