• Jethro Tull invents the seed drill

    Jethro tull invented the seed drill, which is a device that plants seeds under the soil in straight lines, making the farms more efficient.
  • John Kay invents flying shuttle

    John Kay invented the flying shuttle, an improvement to looms that enabled weavers to weave faster.
  • James Watt builds the first steam engine

    James Watt created the first steam engine. However, he was only the engineer, as Mathew Boulton, the entrepeneuer, advertized and spread information about the engine.
  • Marx and Engels publish The Communist Manifesto

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published a short pamphlet called the Communist Manifesto which encouraged peasants, or the proletarians, to revolt against the upper class and create a new, classless society.
  • US Civil War ends; US experiences technological boom

    Once the US Civil War ended, the US was free to industrialize and grow rapidly. Some of the causes of this rapid industrialization was new resources, such as coal. Also, a larger population suddenly developed to help power the new machinery and factories.
  • Germany becomes dominant industrial power in Europe

    Although Germany started off slow in terms of industrialization, in the 1870s they started to finally push through. They imported many British technologies and started to learn from the British, and eventaully they rose to the top.
  • British Unions win right to strike

    Originally, Britain thought that unions and strikes would lead to an overthrow of power, and so they banned them. After the unions refused to listen to the government, the British recalled their law and allowed strikes and unions to go on peacefully.