Industrial Revolution (Transportation)

By celinee
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    In 1769, James Watt invented an improved version of steam engine. Steam Engine helped in the improvement of steamboat's speed and it helped in the transportation of good from one place to another.
  • Steam Ship

    Steam Ship
    1775 – Jacques Perrier invents a steamship
    Steam Ships was first invented by Jacques Perrier in 1775. Steam Ships were one of the reasons in the succes of Industrial Revolution. Transportation of goods were faster and also transportation for people were faster too thanks to Steam Ships.
  • Submarine

    1776 – David Bushnell invents a submarine
    Submarine were invented by David Bushnell in 1776. It was used as a weapon during the Industrial Revolution Period.
  • Steam Boat

    Another steamboat was created by John Fitch during the 1786s. It helped the transportation of goods faster and easier.
  • Bicycles

    Early bicycles was created in Scotland during the 1719. At the same year, gas turbine was also invented during this year by John Barber. Bicycles during those days were very important for the workers because by then, they could arrive to their destinations faster without getting up early.
  • Steam Locotmotive

    Steam Locotmotive
    Steam Locomotive was invented by Geroge Stephenson during the 1814s. Steam Locomotive was used in the transportation of goods or for people, travelling from one place to another. By this, the trading during the Industrial Revolution became faster.
  • Bicylcle

    Another improved version of bicycle was invented by Kirkpatrick Macmillan in 1839. This helped the workers working during the Industrial Revolution to arrive and their working place faster.
  • Airship

    Henri Giffard build an airship in 1852 which was powered by the first aircraft engine. This invention was unsuccessful.
  • Sleeping Train Car

    Sleeping Train Car
    George Pullman invents the Pullman Sleeping Car for train travel. Makes long travel on trains more bearable.
  • Internal Combustion Engine

    Internal Combustion Engine
    Jean Lenoir invents an internal combustion engine. This leads to the first automobiles, motorcycles and many other motor driven vehicles.
  • Gas Engined Motorcycle

    Gas Engined Motorcycle
    The first gas engined motorcycle was inventend by Gottlieb Daimier in the 1885s.
  • Automobiles

    Karl Benz invents the first practical automobile to be powered by an internal-combustion engine. Most of the automobiles were bought by the first class people because they had more money than the lower class people.
  • Four Wheeled Motorcycle

    Four Wheeled Motorcycle
    After inventing the steam engined motorcycle, Gottlieb Daimler invented a four wheeled motorcycle on the following year. These motorcycles were the improvement of bicycles. Workers can actually arrive his destination faster without giving so much effort.
  • Zeppelin

    The zeppelin invented by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Zeppelin made air travelling possible even passing through the Atlantic ocean. This was one of the first air transportation during the Industrial Revolution that helped people to travel to a long distance destination.