Industrial Revolution Steam

  • First Steam engine Shipped To Australia

    The first steam engine shipped to a colony in New south wales arrived. Until that time, mechanical work had beem done by windmills, convict treadmills or animals. The steam engine was installed in John Dickson's flourmill at Darling harbour.
  • More Steam Engines

    More steam engines were introduced in 1825,1826 and 1829. By 1831 there were 6 steam engines , including one at the the australian Agricultural company's Newcastle coalmine.
  • The Sophia Jane

    The first paddle steamer to regulary operate in australian waters. It was built in England and arrived in sydney in 1831. While the Sophia Jane was having its paddles fitted in readiness for its maiden voyage, another steamer, the Surprise, made its first voyage from sydney to parramatta on 1 june 1831. It became the first steam powered vessel inn Australia.
  • Flour mills

    By 1840 there were 26 in flourmills and 10 in other industries.
  • Steamship Services

    Steamships were running services between potrts including Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Tasmania.