Weapons in the Industrial Revolution

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  • Bayonet

    bayonetIn 1680 the Bayonet was invented for rifles. A baynoet attached to the end of your rifle for hand to hand combat, really helped infantry soldiers invading other people.
  • Flintlock

    flintlockIn 1700's the flintlock was made, opposed to the matchlock. The flintlock was made because the matchlock, was more dangerous. Also it made it less suseptible to jamming.
  • Pistols in the 1700's

    Pistols in the 1700's
    flintlock pistolsMost officers carried pistols in the 1700's. To fire a pistol you had to have good flint a solid peice of modern seemless steal which would strike the flint and sparks would ignite the gun powder.
  • Cannons

    cannonsMany cannons shot 8 or twelve pound cast iron balls. An artillery crew could shoot about or 3 per minute, doing mass damage to other soldiers walls or infantry. The range of cannons where about 600 to 1800 yards.
  • Swords and Pikes

    Swords and Pikes
    swords and pikesSwords and Pikes where still used by officers in the 1700's instead of having to load a pistol these where a more efficient choice for up close combat. Pike where long spear type things that if trained correctly could be very dedly when thrown.
  • Percussion Cap

    Percussion Cap
    percussion capsAlexander Forsyth invented the Percussion cap in 1807! The percussion cap was a device that replaced flint in the gun after the gun fired. Creating this was a huge upgrade to guns in that time!
  • Warefare in the industrial revolution

    Warefare in the industrial revolution
    warefare in the industrial revolutionThe industrial revolution was a time of peace and prosperity, creating new things helping people. Through the time of peace there was still warefare and in the warefare people where still creating new weapons and ways to fight people
  • Improving weapons in the industrial revolution

    Improving weapons in the industrial revolution
    [interchangeable parts](http:////pastnow.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/april-16-1813-guns-and-interchangeable-parts/)Most weapons in the Industrial Revolution where not invented but far more improved. In the exception of the musket, most noticeable fire arms where improved with removable parts.
  • The Cartridge

    The Cartridge
    musket cartridgeIn the early 1700's the cartridge was invented. This was a cartridge on the musket ball with gunpowder in it. This meant tthat the soldier didnt have to put gun powder in his gun evrytime he shot, nor did he have to measure the amount of gunpowder to put in his barrel.
  • Fixing Guns (accidentally)

    Fixing Guns (accidentally)
    grooved barrelsSome inventors set out to fix certain problems but ended up fixing other problems on the guns themselves. Sir Henery Bessemer tried to create a more accurate cannon but really found that a grouved barrel made any rifle more accurate.
  • Ships getting upgraded

    Ships getting upgraded
    Steel HullsMost ships before the industrial revolution where mad with wooden hulls. Ships after the industrial revolution where created with steel hulls to hold cannons and more poweful engines
  • Mass producing guns

    Mass producing guns
    mass producing gunsMany army's and navy's wanted to fill there men with muskets but there was controversy on whether or not they should, the reload time was awful and jamming was a huge problem. Gun makers hired untrained people to make guns easily beacuase of the amount of interchangeable parts made it so easy to make.
  • Gun Makers

    Gun Makers
    Gun MakersGun Makers ofte where very poor if the country wasn't in war because the amount of profit they got depened on how many guns they sold. If the country wasn't in war then it was hard for them to make much money
  • Musket in the Industrial Revolution

    Musket in the Industrial Revolution
    musketsEli Whitney began making muskets in the warefare in the industrial revolution used muskets for gunfire, not often though. Muskets often created problems on the battlefield mostly because of having to lod gunpowder and the led ball everytime you shoot. These guns often failed too due to wrong firing pins and no explosion.
  • Gun violence problems

    Gun violence problems
    Samuel GaltonJust like in todays society we used to have gun controversy. In 1790's Samuel Galton was a gun maker and was told that his guns where the reason for all of the gun violence happening in the town. His rebuttle was that the only one to blame is the one who is pulling the trigger.