Industrial Revolution - Events

By flamme
  • Seed drill

    Seed drill
    Faster way of planting seeds. Could cover more ground.
  • Watt's Steam Engine

    James Watt figured out a way to make the steam engine work faster and more efficent while burning less fuel.
  • Improved Roads

    McAdam equipped road beds with a layer of large stones for drainage. On top he placed a carefully smoothed layer of crushed rock. This helped so in the rain and when it got muddy out you ccould still drive on the roads.
  • Railway begins

    First steam engine on wheels the railroad locomotive. They could get coal out faster and incresed production
  • First succesful trip

    First succesful trip
    Robert Fulton ordered and Engine from Boulton and Watt and built a steambout sall Clermont in 19807 it made its first succeful trip.
  • Diesel Engine

    Diesel Engine
    Created the first Diesel engine and created more power and a different source of resources.
  • Plane

    Could travel faster and carry supplies overseas.
  • Assembly line

    Assembly line
    The assembly line made work go faster and more smoothly