Industrial Revolution

  • Jethro Tull invents the seed drill

    A seed drill is a sowing device that precisely positions seeds in the soil and then covers them. This allowed more plants to grow because they weren't being eaten by animals.
  • John Kay invents flying shuttle

    The flying shuttle allowed a single weaver to weave much wider fabrics. Therefore, the cloth looked much neater and was stronger.
  • James Watt builds the first steam engine

    A steam engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid.
  • Marx and Engels publish The Communist Manifesto

    This document was a paper written by politicians. It is in favor of communism, and points out the problems with capitalism, and doesn't state cleary the future of communism.
  • US Civil War ends; US experiences technological boom

    The invention of the railroad was a major point of progress for the United States. This helped people travel, therefore they were able to get new ideas of industrialization and it spread.
  • Germany becomes dominant industrial power in Europe

    Germany was not succeeding in the Industrial Revolution. So they sent children over to England to be educated. They also built railroads which helped with their military and the spreading of ideas.
  • British Unions win right to strike

    This was when the workers began to realize they were not getting paid for all their hard work. They fought their employers for better pay and hours, and until they received this, they went on strike.