Industrial Revolution

By Jacob D
  • Seed Drill

    Jethro Tull improved the seed drill which changed the way of agriculture. The seed drill made farming a lot easier and cheaper. It also made the price of crops to go down. It was a great improvement that changed the way people farmed. image source:
  • First Steam Powered Engine

    Thomas Newcomen invented the first workable steam powered engine. It was one of the greatest invention of the industrial revolution. It made people start building trains and railroads for people to travel by. He got his idea from Thomas Savery who developed the fire engine.
  • Lighting Rod

    Ben Franklinn invented the lighting rod in 1752. He conducted his famous kite flying experiment. This proved that lighitng is electricity. This helped people understand lighting and electricity a lot better. image source:
  • Improved Steam Engine

    James Watt improved the steam powered engine. He made it where the fuel efficiency was a lot better. Also, coal was expensive so this helped a lot. This improvement was a great improvement for people all over the world. image source:
  • Submarine

    David Bushnell invented the submarine in 1776. He called it the turtle submarine. It was a one man submarine that was pedal powered. It was a great invention that was used a lot. image source:
  • Electric Light

    Humphry Davy invents the first electric light in 1809. He was an English chemist. He connected two wires to a battery attached a charcoal strip between the two wires. He made a great invention that was helpful to a lot of people. source image:
  • Typewriter

    W.A. Burt invented the typewriter in 1829. He made it were people could make letters faster and easier to read. He first called it the typographer. It basically was a older version of a typewriter. image source:
  • U.S.A Railroads

    United States becomes the leader for railroads. They laided over 3,000 miles laid. By 1860 the number rose to 30,000 miles laid. It was a great achievement for the United States.
  • Preston Strike

    In 1842 3,000 cottone workers in England went on strike. They went on strike because their wages were cut 25%. In was on August 12th and 13th. Four men had died and three others were baldy hurt.
  • New York

    New York became the first U.S.A city with over 1 million people. This happened because a large number of people came to work in factories in New York. Living conditions were very bad for a lot of the people living in New York though. It was a great achievement for the United States.