Industrial Revolution

  • Jethro Tull's invention of the Seed Drill

    He helped begin the Agriculture Revolution which helped stablize the food supply for the Industrial Revolution. Jethro Tull created the Seed Drill which helped culitvate the land faster and more efficently.
  • Thomas Newcomen's invention of the Steam Engine

    He created the first steam engine which was used to pump water out of the mines.He is less known for inventing the steam engine compared to James Watt, who only bettered the Newcomen model. Newcomen helped begin the Industrial Revolution with this invention of steam power.
  • Start

    The Industrial Revolution started in 1750 with the invention of the first cotton mill was established. It began in the United Kingdom, then subsequently spread throughout Western Europe, North America, Japan, and eventually the rest of the world.
  • James Hargreaves invents the Spinning Jenny

    James Hargreaves invented the Spinny Jenny which revolutionized the textile industry. His improvements to his machine by the late 1700s allowed 80 threads to be working at a time. His invention definitely pushed and improved the Industrial Revolution
  • Steam Engine

    James Watt's more efficient steam engine from the 1770s reduced the fuel costs of engines, making mines more profitable
  • James Watt improves the Steam Engine

    James Watt improves Newcomen's steam engine. In 1775 he partnered with Matthew Boulton to promote his steam engine company because he was having financial problems. He is more recognized as the inventor of the steam engine compared to Newcomen who began the innovation.
  • Cotton Mill

    Arkwright puts a Watt engine in the Albion cotton mill, Blackfriars Bridge, London.
  • Watt Engine

    Arkwright puts a Watt engine in the Albion cotton mill, Blackfriars Bridge, London.
  • Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney develops his cotton gin (a device to clean raw cotton).
  • First subaqueous tunne

    Brunel builds the first subaqueous tunnel, under the Thames.
  • Henry Bessemer improved the manufacturing of steel.

    Henry Bessemer established the Bessemer Method of processing iron. It helped revolutionize the steel industry because it made producing steel cheaper by using molten pig iron.
  • Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur was a Chemist who used experiments which supported the Germ Theory of Disease. He created vaccines for multiple common and rarer diseases.
  • Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

    Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish scientist and inventor. He created the first telephone.
  • Thomas Edison invents the light bulb

    Thomas Edison was an American inventor. He invented he phonograph in 1877 which led to many more inventions. He also invened the motion picture camera, along with the light bulb.
  • Henry Ford invented the Ford automobile.

    He was an American inventor who created the first Ford Model T. He revolutionized the manufacturing of the automobile and used the assembly line to increase production.
  • Lathe

    A lathe from 1911, a machine tool able to shape parts (usually metal) for other machines.