Industrial revolution

  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    Thomas Newcomen builds first commercially successful steam engine. Able to keep deep coal mines clear of water. First significant power source other than wind and water.
  • Flying Shuttle

    Flying Shuttle
    John Kay invented the Flying shuttle. Aloud people to weave faster with thick material.
  • Lighting Rod

    Lighting Rod
    Benjamin Franklin invents the lightening rod.
  • Waterbridge Canal

    Waterbridge Canal
    James Brindley's Bridgewater Canal opens. Barges carry coal from Worsley to Manchester.
  • Stocking Frame

    Stocking Frame
    William Lee, invented the stocking frame. It was a divice that was used to knit stockings.
  • spinning Jenny

    spinning Jenny
    James Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny, automating weaving the warp.
  • Submarine

    David Bushnell invents a submarine
  • Spinnig Mule

    Spinnig Mule
    Samuel Crompton invents the spinning mule
  • Coal Gas

    Coal Gas
    William Murdock lights his home with coal gas.
  • Cotton Grin

    Cotton Grin
    Eli Whitney invented the cotton grin. It cleaned the raw cotton.
  • Tunnelling Shield

    Tunnelling Shield
    Marc Brunel invents a tunnelling shield, making subaqueous tunnelling possible.
  • Photo Paper

    Photo Paper
    Fox Talbot introduces photographic paper.
  • invention of the telephone

    invention of the telephone
    The telephone was invented by Alaxander Graham Bell.