Industrial Revolution

  • Jethro Tull

    He invents the seed drill.
  • James Watt

    invented the steam engin.
  • samuel crompton

    he combined features of the spinning jenny and the water frame to produce the spinning mule.
  • malthus

    worte an essay on the principle of population
  • 1799

    the combination acts outlawed unions and strickes.
  • 1812

    during the war britain blockade the united states.
  • 1813

    Franicis cabolt lowell of boston and four other investors revolutionized the american textile industry.
  • ricardo

    he worte princalbles of political economy and taxation.
  • new harmony

    a communtie in indaina
  • 1829

    Trials were held to choose the best locomotives.
  • 1830

    Ths Livepool Mancherster railway opened
  • 1831

    alexis de tocqueville had contrasted the brutal conditions in american prisons.
  • factory act of 1833

    britian abolished slaverly.
  • britain abolishes slavery

    wilberforce fighted to free slaverly and finally did in 1833.
  • ten hours act of 1847

    limited the work day to ten hours for women and childern who work in factories.
  • 1848

    the communism manifesto was published.
  • beginningg of the movement for womens rights

    women formed unions in the trades they dominated.
  • public school systems

    free public schooling became available
  • 1865

    the civil war ended
  • 1904

    a group of progressive reformers organized th national child labor committie to end child labor.
  • 1919

    supreme court objected to a federal child labor law.