Industrial Revloulution Timeline

By combsjv
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    Industrial Revoulution Timeline

  • Jethro Tull invents the seed drill

    This made it easier to plant seeds in al straight row. It also made it so the seeds would be planted deeper, and wouldnt get washed away as easy.
  • Thomas Newcombe invents the Steam Engine

    The steam engine powered the factorys. Without it there would have been little progress made.
  • The Industrial Revoulution begins

    This changed the way people lived and made the economy move foward
  • Eli Whitney Events Cotton Gin

    Made the cotton business a money making business, and turned the south from a society with slaves to just a slave socitey
  • KArl Marx writes the communist manifesto

    Everything was shared throughout the community. Everybody was equal there was not "im rich" or "Im poor"
  • Thomas Edison invents the light bulb

    Without the lightbulb we would be still be using a candle to light the house. We also wouldnt have night jobs without the light bulb
  • Henry Ford Invents the assembly Line

    Made the work place more productive. Everybody had a job to do to complete one main thing.