Indigenous Studies

  • Cook claims NSW for Great Brittain

    Declared it to be terra nullius
  • First Contact - Colonisation

    First Fleet arrives at Botany Bay
  • The British know Terra Nullius to be a myth

  • Governer Bourke proclaims Terra Nullius

    Governer Bourke produces a Royal Proclamaition that confirms the doctrine of Terra Nullius. Indigenous could not sell land to settlers as it belonged to the crown.
  • R Vs. Murrel and Bummaree

    NSW supreme court Used the concept of Terra Nullius
  • Set up of Coranderrk Reserve

    Coranderrk Station ran successfully for many years as an aboriginal enterprise selling wheat, hops and crafts to the growing market of Melbourne. However, the protection board constantly attempted to remove the aboriginal people from the reserve, believing the land was too valuable for Aboriginal people. It was formally closed in 1924.
  • Cooper Vs. Stuart

    Council endorsed concept of terra nullius
  • 1905 WA Aboriginal Protection Act

  • Period: to

    Stolen Generations

    Policies of forcibly removing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) children from their families occurred between 1910 and 1970. It is estimated that 100,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families and raised in homes or adopted by white families. The policies were designed to culturally ‘assimilate’ or racially ‘breed out’ Indigenous people.
  • The 1936 Native Administration Act

    Ammendments to the 1905 Aboriginal Protection Act, which gave AO Neville power to relocate all aboriginal children. Amended again in 1937.
  • Day of Mourning

  • Pilbara Strike

  • Freedom Ride

  • The 1967 Referendum

    Overwhelming majority of 90% voted yes to include Indigenous Australians in the Census and allow the commonwealth to make laws for Indigenous people.
  • Gove Land Rights Case

    Judge ruled that Australia had been Terra Nullius. There is no native land rights in Australian law.
  • Tent Embassy, Australia Day

  • Period: to

    Mabo Court Case

  • Compulsory Voting for Indigenous Australians

    Aboriginal voting was allowed after amending the "Electrol Act 1918" in 1962, but was not compulsory until 1984
  • Royal Commision on Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

    Published in 1991
  • Native Title Act

  • Bringing Them Home Report

  • NT Emergency Response

    2 weeks after the report was published, John Howard claimed it to be a national emergency. Suspended the Racial Discrimination Act.