Indigenous Reconciliation

  • Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

    It was established by the commonwealth parliament which was established as a statutory body under the council for aboriginal reconciliation act in 1991.
  • Redfern Park Address

    Redfern Park Address
    Prime Minister the Honorable Paul J Keating made a landmark speech which influenced the relationship between the Australian state and the original Indigenous people and their descendants.
  • Bringing them home report

    Bringing them home report
    also involves stolen generation report and attoreny general inquiry.
  • Sea of Hands

    Sea of Hands
    a prominent Australian symbol of indigenous rights to land, the ongoing process of reconciliation and the desire for mutual understanding and respect between indigenous and non-indigenous communities.
  • Corroboree 2000

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk
    more than 300,000 people walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in support of Indigenous Australians and reconciliation.
  • Apology to the Stolen Generation

    Apology to the Stolen Generation
    When Kevin Rudd at the time was
    PM and apologized to the aboriginals of Australia about the wrong doing that happened to them