Impotant events in Colonial America

  • Roanoke was establised

    First Colony in America but somehow vanished in 1590
  • Virginia Dare was Born

    She was the first baby English Baby in North America Captain John White's grand daughter
  • Ships enter Chesapeak Bay and established Jamestown

  • Sante Fe New Mexico was settled

  • Henry Hudson discovers Hudson Bay

  • Fist Representive government meets in Jamestown. The House of Burgesses.

  • Plymouth Was Formed

    It was a 65 day journey that carried pilgrims looking for religious freedom.
  • First Thanksgiving In Plymouth

    Thanksgiving was a feast where the pilgims gave thanks to the indians that helped them grow crop. It wasn't made an official holiday until 1863
  • George Washington was born in Virginia

  • Benjamine Franklin Went to "fly a kite"

    Franklin flew a kite in a thunderstorm and had a key on it. He realized that he could have a metal rod with wire leading into the ground to save a house from lightning, he called it a lightning rod