Taylor brundage

Important things about the 13 Colonies

  • Roanoke

    In 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh sent over 91 men, 17 women and 9 children over to Roanoke, John White a mapmaker and artist went over to Roanoke to give them supplies that Roanoke needed and when he got there in 1590 he found all that was left of the colony was a tree that said Croatoan carved on it.
  • Jamestown

    In 1606 144 settlers took 3 ships to go to Jamestown, they landed at Jamestown in 1607, John Ralfe brought tobacco over and practically "saved lives" for the Natives because they did not have any food left. Jamestown was the first successful colony.
  • Southern Colonies

    Southern Colonies
    In 1607 Virginia was found to expand their trade, Maryland was founded to sell land and for religious freedom in 1634, North Carolina was founded in the 1660s to profit from trade and to sell land, South Carolina was founded to make a profit from trade and to sell land, Georgia was the last one that was foinded in 1733 for religious freedom,protection against Spanish Florida and a safe home for debtors
  • Slavery

    Many ships would bring over Africans and they would be sold for slaves- people that are being sold to do another persons work. This made an impact because there would be more deaths because some of the slaves were beat if they didnt do their work and slavery stopped in 1660.
  • New England Colonies

    New England Colonies
    In 1620 Massachusetts was founded for religious freedom, New hampshire was established in 1620 also they were founded so they would make profit from trade and fishing, Rhode Island was found in 1636 alst for religious freedom, and Connecticut was founded in 1635 to make a profit from fur trading, farming; religious and political freedom.
  • Pilgrims Land at Plymouth

    Pilgrims Land at Plymouth
    In 1620 Pilgrims land at Plymouth to settle in Virginia to practice their religious beliefs and to find a better way to live after a hard trip to get there aboard the Mayflower.
  • The Mayflower Compact

    The Mayflower Compact
    Since the Pilgrims decided to settle in the Virginia colony they wrote a formal document that told their loyalty to England and said that they would form "a civil body politic,for our better ordering and preservation." Also they promiced to obey the laws that were passed. They wrote this because they wanted the Natives to know why they were coming onto their land.
  • Help from the Native Americans

    Help from the Native Americans
    After many Pilgrims died because of the cold winter, diseases, and malnutrition, two Native Americans approached named Squanto and Samoset. They showed the Pilgrims how to grow corn, beans, and pumpkins and to hunt and fish. Squanto and Samoset were a huge help to the Pilgrims because if they didn't teach them new things they probably not have survived.
  • Middle Colonies

    Middle Colonies
    In 1624 the first middle colony that was established was New York in 1624, it was founded because they wanted to expnd their trade, Deleware was the second that was founded in 1638 also to expand their trade, also established in 1638 New Jersey was established to make a profit from selling land and Pennsylvania was established in 1682 to profit from land and for religious freedom.
  • Helping America

    Helping America
    When tobacco prices were falling, they needed more workers to plant new crops and build new things in their coloinies. They needed more workers to come over so people that were sent over were calles indentured servants and they just worked to pay off their trip to get there.