Important Inventions 2000-2010

  • Facebook

    Facebook was invented in Februrary 2004 and is now one of the essential parts of a human life. Through Facebook, you can share photo's, ideas and thoughts with your friends and family.
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  • Youtube

    Youtube was invented in 2005 and became a worldwide website where you can watch free videos uploaded by people.
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  • Wii

    In 2006, the Wii was invented, and there are many kid users. Wii is a remote controlled game playing system.
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  • Blu-Ray Player

    Blu-Ray Player
    The Blu-Ray Player was invented in 2006, and is used by worldwide users. A Blu-Ray player plays hd movies, dvd, or cds.
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  • PS3

    The PS3 was invented in 2006, and currently is the latest version of the PlayStation series.
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  • iPhone

    The iPhone was invented in 2007 and is now the phone that is most used, especially in America.
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  • Ipod Touch

    Ipod Touch
    The Ipod Touch has was invented in 2007, and is another invention made by Apple. The iPod touch is exactly like the iPhone, but it cannot call or message people.
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  • Android

    Android was invented in 2008, and is a phone company. Android is also a phone used worldwide, but has less technology put into it than Iphones.
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  • iPad

    iPad is another invention of Apple. Basically, it is a much larger version of the Ipod touch. The latest version of the iPad is the iPad 3.
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  • Xbox 360 Kinect

    Xbox 360 Kinect
    The Xbox 360 Kinect was invented in 2010 and is a game player that you can either play with your body or remote contol. The Xbox Kinect senses your movement and applies it to the game.
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