Important Events of the Blues

  • Aug 9, 1526

    The Arrival of Slaves in America

    The Arrival of Slaves in America
    This was the first time slaves were traveled to America, they were taken to the colony of Virginia.
  • The End of Slave Trading

    The End of Slave Trading
    During this time the Slave trade act took place, which made it against the law to have slaves moved from Africa to the United States.
  • Minstrel Shows

    Minstrel Shows
    Minstrel Shows involved having blackface and racial exaggerated features performers, the song "Jump Jim Crow also became very popular towards Americans back then.
  • Slave Songs

    Slave Songs
    Slave song also known as Spirituals, which consist of one hundred and thirty-six songs were released.
  • Scott Joplin

    Scott Joplin
    Scott Joplin had released his song "Maple Leaf Rag," which is under genre of Ragtime. This became a very important principle for the rising manner of the blues.
  • The start of the Blues

    The start of the Blues
    W. C. Handy had released the song "Memphis Blues," which was seen as the first blues song.
  • Mamie Smith

    Mamie Smith
    Mamie Smith was the first African American to create a blues recording and her song "Crazy Blues" became the number one hit for the blues genre, this allowed a new start to recording people of race.
  • Classic Blues Artists

    Classic Blues Artists
    Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey are some the most well known classic blue singers had just made their recording debut
  • The Hit of the Great Depression

    The Hit of the Great Depression
    During the Great Depression hurt the musical industry a lot, many record sales dropped. The only profitable records were those of solitary bluesman and at a very small amount of money at that.
  • The Appearance of the Electric Guitar

    The Appearance of the Electric Guitar
    The first song using electric guitar was Eddie Durham. The creators of this new instrument was George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacher. The electric guitar is mainly used in Texas Blues and Blues Rock
  • Rhythm and Blues

    Rhythm and Blues
    A worker at Billboard magazine puts the term Rhythm and Blues for "race" records of older age.
  • British Blues Rock groups

    British Blues Rock groups
    The Rolling Stones which is a blues rock group have the first world tour in the United States, which as seen as a British invasion for blues music.
  • The Mississippi Summer Project

    The Mississippi Summer Project
    The Mississippi Summer Project which is also known as the Freedom Summer was a civil rights campaign that allowed people of colors votes to be registered.
  • White Fans

    White Fans
    Muddy Waters and B.B. King have a show at Fillmore East and had a crowd of white people.
  • Year of the Blues

    Year of the Blues
    Congress had the Year of the Blues as a tribute to W. C. Handy 100th anniversary, they sent a bluesman over to a train station.
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