Important Events in Instructional Design and Technology

  • Visual Instruction Movement

    The focus at this time was on instructional media.
  • WWII

    Audiovisual devices were used and training videos were created during this time.
  • Instructional Television

    Federal Communications Commission sets aside 242 channels on the television for educational purposes
  • First Instructional Design Definition was Published

    This definition stated that the field was not about media and that it involved a series of steps.
  • Period: to


  • 1979 Instructional Design Definition

    Stated that instructional design was a process.
  • Oregon Trail Game (Elementary Series)

    Oregon Trail Game (Elementary Series)
    This simulation game gave students that understanding of life on the Oregon Trail.
  • 1980 Computers

    Personal Computers start becoming common knowledge to the public and people saw the potential for educational purposes.