Important Events

  • John Locke

    John Locke was an English philosopher who's theory was that all men are created equally and the natural rights is that everyone is born with Life, Liberty and Property.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Gather farmers and indentured servants and blacks and whites joined together.
  • New York Slave Rebellion

    Killed 9 whites, injured 6 and 70 arrested, 27 put on trial , 21 convicted executed, burned alive
  • Period: to

    American Revoultion

    The Americans went to war with the British for Freedom
  • George Washington Lifts ban on African Americans in the Continental Army

  • Declaration Of Independence

    When America got their indpendence from Britian. It was signed by Thomas Jefferson and other congressmen
  • Three Fifths Comproise

    When African Americans Are Considered 3/5s Of A Person
  • Northwest Ordiance

    During the Revolution alot of people moved over Appalachians west and banned slavery in territories immediately.
  • The Constituation Was Passed

    The Constituation has the Bill of Right & Admenments
  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution Starts & Ends

    Haitians went to war for their freedom
  • Eli Whitney Invents The Cotton Gin

    A black slave invented the cotton gin and it made it easier and faster to pick cotton
  • Slave Trade Act

    Africans are sold to European slave traders.
  • Gabriel's Conspiracy

    Heavy rain started and white people killed alot of black people
  • Louisiana Purchase

    The USA brought the Louisana Territory.
  • Slavery Offically Outlawed

    The Slave Trade Ended
  • Louisiana Slave Rebellion

    Was The Largest Revolt
  • Missouri Compromise

    Was an agreement between pro and anti slavery
  • Nat Turner Slave Rebellion

    Slaves Killed Alot Of White People
  • La Amistad

    Slaves Rebeled On Slave Owners On A Slave Ship and were freed
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    When slave master can capture runaways and bring them back to the plantation