Important dates of U.S history

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    Important dates of United States history.

  • Declaration of Independence!

    The Declaration of Independence was madeby 56 important people. It was created to declare that the United States was now FREE!!!!! It is Important because it says that "All men are created equal."
  • Battle of the Alamo.

    The Battle of the Alamo started when Santa Anna surprise attacked the American troups. For 13 days they stood their ground but then they called for help. Everone fighting would not give up! It is important because every one who fought that day died but "Rember the Alamo!!" will be in our memories!
  • Civil War

    When Abraham Lincoln was elected president the South was afraid he would end slavery. The only way he could end slavery was to start the Civil War! South- Confedrancy North- Union. Finally Noth won and about 500,000 slaves were freed!!!
  • Abraham Lincolns Assassination

    When Abraham Lincoln went to Fords Theatre to see a play little did he know that he was about to die. Lincoln sat in the balcony which gave Booth a clear shot. Booth shot him in the head then jumped down the balcony and ran. (And he did all this with a broken leg.)
  • Womens Suffrage Ending

    The Declaration of Independence gave black men the right to vote but the women were angry because they did not get an opinion about their goverment. They knew that the black men tried and succeeded so the women tried and not so long after their call was answered.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks was a seamstress and one day on the bus home from work she did not want to give up her seat to a white person. She ened up arrested and got a fine but she did not care and now she is well know for being brave and standing up for what she believed.
  • J.F.K. Assassination

    J.F.K. was murderd in Dallas, Texas. Right after the shot by Lee Harvey Oswald (The murderer) in the back of the head he was rushed to the closest hospital. 2 Hours after his death Oswald went to jail then was shot and killed on live T.V.
  • Challenger Explosion

    73 seconds after takeoff, the Challenger exploded killing all 7 crew members. They landed in the Atlantic Ocean and the poor excuse for the mishhap was that "The tempature outside was too cold and was suppose to not fly in those weather conditions."
  • 9-11

    When the first plane hit they thought it was an accident, but when the second one hit they knew they were in trouble. 9-11 was 4 planes hitting national monuments. 1st and 2nd- Twin towers, 3rd- Pentagon, 4th- was crash landed by the passengers into a field in Pennsylvania. All of this happened because some guys hijacked the planes and crashed, killing themselves and evey one else on the planes.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Most dangerous Atlanitic hurricane of 2005. It killed almost 1,800 people and $81,000,000,000 was spent to repair every thing. Louisiana has still not fully recovered.